You asked, we answered.

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+ how would you describe your style?

it’s really very simple: we offer a fine art approach to photography. we each have a different eye that compliments the other's style but when we piece our photos together to tell your story, the result is seamless. it's nothing short of magic. our collective style is organic, ethereal, delicate, wild, and raw.

+ how many years have you been photographing weddings?

we've been shooting weddings and portraits seprately for almost 10 years but ali + julie was born about 4 years and a billion and a half cups of tea ago. we are soulmates who believe in fate. working together, for us, isn't work; it's like hanging out all day with your best friend. we vibe off each other, inspire each other and can pretty much read each other's minds at this point. our individual styles somehow melt together to create something extraordinary.

+ how many weddings do you book per year?

we only accept a limited number of weddings per year. we've found 8-10 weddings is the sweet spot. keeping the number small allows us to really connect with our couples and continue to fuel our creative passion, but also make time for our little families. that said, we don't have a definitive cut-off number, so don't hesitate to contact us if you feel we're the perfect match!

+ will our wedding be the only one you're photographing all day?

absolutely. we don't book double (or triple - yikes!) wedding weekends and never will. we like to show up fully rested and ready to devote ourselves fully on your day, so yours will actually be the only wedding we shoot all weekend long.

+ will it always be both of you shooting our wedding? what if i only need one photographer? what if one of you can't make it?

when you book us, you're booking both of us; we're a pair! this is important because what you see on our site is a compilation of both of our work. while we are each very talented solo photographers, we believe shooting together is our secret sauce. luckily, we haven't had to photograph a wedding without each other yet. we've shot weddings with sprained ankles, while pregnant and even after the immediate death of family members. we know booking us is an investment and we do not take that lightly; we're dedicated to making sure you get what you've paid for. if one of us cannot be present on your wedding day for any reason, we will communicate that to you ahead of time and select a likeminded artist from our photography network to step in.

+ how many hours of photography coverage do you offer?

in our experience, 7 hours of photography coverage is more than enough time to capture the narrative of your wedding day. that’s why our core offering is our most popular with couples! 7 hours typically allows us to cover the tail end of getting ready, all the way until your cake cutting and everyone dancing up a storm. we will work with you before your wedding day to ensure we're there for all the important moments. we also offer photography coverage for smaller, more intimate weddings and elopements starting at just $2,500.

+ walk me through a typical wedding day with ali + julie.

sure! here's a simple breakdown of the formula we use for every couple's wedding:

first, we'll arrive to capture the tail end of getting ready then, we'll typically move into first look, bride and groom portraits, family + bridal party photos.

after your ceremony, ali will usually capture any other photos you'd like with your family or friends during cocktail hour while julie photographs all your beautiful florals and other details.

if you didn't opt for a first look, we'll need to secure your cocktail hour for all formal portraits, family + bridal party photos during your reception, we'll spend time photographing all the formalities you'd like captured (think toasts, parent dances, cake cutting).

lastly, we'll always try to sneak you back outside for some golden hour portraits and then end the night capturing some of your best dance moves!

+ how many photographs will we receive?

this number definitely varies; it depends on how large and detailed your wedding will be and how many hours of photography coverage you've opted for. a good rule of thumb is to expect ~100 photos per hour we're photographing you. so, for a typical 7-hour wedding day, you will receive ~700 final images.

+ will you retouch our photographs?

our goal is to deliver wedding photos that are natural and "feel" like you. we will gently retouch a rogue blemish or a stray hair using our best judgement, with you in mind. while we don't personally offer extensive retouching services, we're happy to source out select photos to be expertly retouched for a fee.

+ what should we wear for our engagement session?

generally, we've found solid colors work best: vibrant reds or blues look super pretty, but white is also stunning! we'd urge you to steer clear of competing patterns and prints and anything with a logo/writing on it; these elements can be distracting and take away from the beauty of your photos. when in doubt, keep it simple! girls, we love the way flowy dresses photograph, especially if it's a windy day! and guys, a button down with khakis or dress jeans looks great. most importantly, we want you to be comfortable and feel like yourself in the photos.

+ we're not photogenic at all. can you make us look like the couples on your website?

the couples you see on our site are all real people, not models. we promise to make you feel comfortable so that your photos reflect you at your most beautiful.

+ should we send you a shot list prior to our wedding?

about a month before your wedding, we'll send you a detailed questionnaire to get an idea of the flow of your day. included are questions specifically about any special details or customs that you'd like us to be aware of, and specific family photo combos you'd like us to capture. in addition, if there are any specific shots on our site that you'd like us to recreate, we promise to do our best!

you sure can. we've worked with many gracious couples who allow us to share their photos with prospective clients and we're happy to share these past galleries with you! if there is a specific venue you're interested in seeing, just let us know.

+ do you charge a travel fee?

while we we don't charge an extra fee just to travel, we will need individual hotel rooms for up to two nights if your venue is more than two hours driving distance from our studio. if there's extensive travel involved, like airfare, please contact us for a custom quote.

+ our wedding venue requires liability insurance. do you have that?

yes, we do! we can definitely provide liability insurance to your venue if needed.

+ we want to book you! how do we move forward?

yay! just fill out our contact form to get the ball rolling. we'll get back to you shortly and schedule a phone chat so we can learn more about each other. once you're ready to proceed with booking, we'll send you a proposal and contract to sign digitally, and you'll make a deposit to secure your date on our calendar! payments are typically made in thirds, with a deposit at the time of booking, and the remaining payments made 6 months and 30 days before your wedding day, respectively.

+ we booked you! can you make recommendations for likeminded wedding vendors to handle my planning, beauty, flowers, etc.?

absolutely! we have so many talented friends across the wedding industry. we're happy to send you a list of our faves who are a dream to work with. just send us a note!.

+ when can i expect to receive my photos after my wedding day? can i print photos through you guys?

when your wedding photos are perfectly curated and ready to view, we will email you a link to your online gallery. typically, your photos will be delivered 6-8 weeks after your wedding day. however, at the very end of wedding season (just before the holidays), turnaround times may range anywhere from 8-12 weeks. and yes! you'll also be able to order prints if you'd like, right through your online gallery.

+ we love our photos and want to make an album. can we work with you for that?

yes! after your wedding, we can definitely work with you to design an album. wedding albums begin at $500 for 20 layflat pages.